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Roof Repair and Replacement Service for Homes

It does not matter whether your house is newly built or several decades old; harsh storm conditions such as heavy winds, rains and hailstones can still end up causing damage to your roof. Leaving the damage unattended can worsen the situation and cause leaks and other issues. Loose tiles or shingles on your roof can also fall without warning, causing serious physical harm. At Kat Construction, LLC, we understand the difficulties you are facing and remain ready to begin work as soon as we receive your call.

What to expect from Kat Construction LLC:

  • A team of trained and experienced professionals who will work non-stop on your roof repair and replacement job so that the inconvenience caused to you is minimum and you can return to a normal life as soon as possible
  • Expert guidance on the proper way to file an insurance claim
  • A free, complimentary roof inspection to assess the storm damage to your roof and home